Reverend Joan M. Kistler

Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister


Love shared between two people is sacred, no matter who they are. In the wedding
ceremony, the union of your hearts is publicly acknowledged and celebrated. 

Rate: Varies

Baby Naming & Baptism

The birth of a child is a time to celebrate the miracle of life, honor the child's presence in this world, and accept the responsibilities that come with this little bundle of joy. 

Rate: Varies

Funeral & Memorial

The death of a loved one is a time of great sorrow. The funeral or memorial service provides a place to greive the loss as well as to celebrate the life of the departed.

Rate: Varies

Sacred Ritual

 As we pass through the cycles of life, sacred ritual connects us with higher forces and natural rhythms. These support and assist us in fulfilling our intentions.

Rate: Varies

Sacred Worship & Celebration

Connecting with the bigger picture of life and celebrating its beauty is a respite from the challenges we face weekly. Then, we can face these challenges with renewed strength.

Rate: Varies

Spiritual Guidance

Sometimes we feel we have lost our way, or we feel that our spiritual path lacks the depth we desire. A healthy spiritual practice is our rudder on life's stormy seas.

Rate: $60.00 per hour

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