Reverend Joan M. Kistler

Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister

Interfaith Community Fellowship (ICF)

Hope for Humanity News

Interfaith Community Fellowship is an organization that I would like to develop with like-minded individuals in the community. 

The mission of Interfaith Community Fellowship is to bring religious and nonreligious people together to celebrate our common values, to share our highest vision for humanity, and to work together to make our vision a reality in our local communities.

We have done great work in our separate religious and nonreligious organizations. Imagine the good we can do if we put aside our differences and unite in loving, compassionate action? 

If you are interested in becoming part of this organization, contact me. Click the Facebook Icon below to go to the ICF page. Like and follow the page to keep updated.

Hope for Humanity News (H4H News) is a series of podcasts I am creating to educate, inspire, and encourage people during these challenging, but hopeful times. H4H News consists of weekly three to five-minute broadcasts starting on February 11, 2018 followed by daily posts related to the week's topic. Please like and follow our Facebook page (see icon bottom left) to get the best experience. 

Click each link below to play the audio for the podcast. You can also access the audios and the scripts on my blog. To filter the blog list for these broadcasts, click the three lines in the upper right, then under "labels" click on "H4H_News."

2/1/2018 - Introductory Broadcast

2/11/2018 - What is Consciousness?

2/18/2018 - What is Ego-Consciousness?

2/25/2018 - What is Unity-Consciousness?

3/4/2018 - Was Ego-Consciousness a Mistake?

3/11/2018 - What Help Are We Getting?

3/18/2018 - How Do We Know We Are Waking Up?

3/25/2018 - How is Waking Up Both Pleasant and Painful?

4/1/2018 - How Might We Experience the Pain of Loss?

4/8/2018 - The Present Moment: Ego vs. Essence

4/15/2018 - How Does the Ego Use Judgement?

4/22/2018 - How Does the Ego Use Anger & Fear?

4/29/2018 - How Does the Ego Use Guilt?

5/6/2018 - How is the Ego a Time Tyrant?

5/13/2018 - Tune Into Essence with Mindfulness

5/20/2018 - Tune Into Essence with Meditation

5/27/2018 - Tune Into Essence with Emotional Awareness